Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Time Delights

What a beautiful weekend we just had! The weather was near perfect and we got to enjoy a lot of time together as a family and with dear friends.
 YUM-MY, grilled veggies!
I threw in some pineapple chunks with the veggies (red onion, bell pepper, zuchini, & squash) and it was delicious.
I am kind of on a kick with adding pineapples to unexpected dishes!
Some good friends of ours have gotten us hooked on fresh pico. Seriously, I crave this A LOT these days, especially with the warm weather upon us now.
And it is so simple to make; bell pepper, tomatoes, jalepeno (with no seeds), red onion, cilantro, sea salt, garlic powder and some fresh lime juice.
Serve it with chips, top your grilled chicken/steak with a spoonful, toss some in your salad.....so many ways to enjoy this!
And what would a summer cook out be without SMORES?!  Um...dare I say lame...
Such a fun and blessed time.
Good food, good friends.....good times.


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