Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sunny Chair Makeover

Spring is here. The sun is shining more days than not which means my kids are giggling in the back yard and squealing with delight as they find mounds of roly-polies.

But it also's time to get the spray paint out!

Spring brings new life to everything around us outside... why not bring some new life inside too! Bring on the sunshine and I'll bring on the spray paint!

 Years ago, my mother in law scored these super cool vintage chairs for us at a yard sale. I loved them right away and restored them with some black spray paint on the seat and some chrome paint on the legs.
These chairs have gotten A LOT of use and have been moved around to various rooms in our house over the years.
This one has been on our front porch for a while now. I have wanted to move it in and when we changed up the porch recently, I decided to give this ole beauty a much needed makeover and a new home.
My husband painted this large sun piece when were dating. It has been hanging in our bedroom and I have wanted to incorporate more orange in our space in other places too.
The chair was the perfect opportunity!
 I really love how it turned out! It instantly makes me happy when I walk in our bedroom and see that sunny orange chair.
A friend of mine gave me this wooden magazine rack a while back. It has been sitting in my closet begging for a makeover ever since.
I knew I wanted it to have more of a distressed look but honestly, I was really excited about adding my little reading corner to our bedroom and I didn't want to wait!
So, I grabbed my white paint and a damp washcloth and went to town!
I used this same technique on a wall cabinet in our bathroom a few years back. It is easy, fast and I personally, love the look it gives.
New life for this old piece and a new home for all of my new and inspiring books!

What Spring makeovers do you have planned?

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