Monday, April 15, 2013

Cute & Easy DiY Notepad/Journal

I have quite a few projects that have been swirling around in my head for a while now and I am SUPER excited to finally be feeling well enough to begin working on them!

Last week, I worked on planting some flowers, cleaning up the yard, and planting our garden. Over the weekend, I worked on a few smaller projects; the kind that only take about 15 minutes or so and do not require much brain power but simply fun and a little creativity. I love these types of DiY projects for busy days when I don't have a lot of time to tackle the big stuff but still need to do something creative.

So, here ya go!
My Baby Girl and I got to go on a date over the weekend and do a little shopping. We were on the hunt for many things, but one of them was fun, crafty things for two of my nieces.
We found some fun things, purchased a few and then made these to add to their bags of creativity!
All you need is:
-white copy paper
-washi tape
-scraps of fun paper
-glue dots, photo mount squares, glue, something to hold your cut out designs in place

I took my white paper and folded in half lengthwise, then used my paper cutter (because I cannot cut a straight line to save my life!) and cut down the middle. Now that I have the size of my notepad, I can cut my card stock accordingly. I cut my card stock to be just a tad bigger than the white paper.

Once everything is cut, then all you do is fold them in half, card stock serving as the outer cover. I took my stapler and stapled (while folded close) right along the top edge of the notepad, three times across in a row.

Next, I covered those staples with some fun washi tape. Then I added more washi tape on the bottom too. You can't go wrong with more washi tape.....ever! ;)

Lastly, play around with your papers and create your chosen design.

The options are endless! You can make the notepads bigger, smaller; use different colored or patterned card stock, etc.

I think I need one for myself now! As always, once I get started on something, then "the swirlings" in my head won't stop!

Have fun!

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