Thursday, April 11, 2013

Giving Our Best

Before I had children, my thoughts were more along the lines of things that I would be teaching them. Now, having four little ones, I am often amazed at the things that they have taught me and continue to teach me.

Their hearts are so pure. Not in the sense that they do no wrong because they do. But pure as in, not yet tainted,jaded, or hard, just as a child's heart should be; tender.

They see people differently, often the way that we should. They see the good. They see things for what they are, period. And they are compassionate.

They tend to give with open hearts and they give their best.
My littlest boy has been picking me flowers by the handful lately, literally by the handful. They are smashed, crumpled and usually paired with blades of grass and a few ants that have taken up residence. But they are presented to me with such joy, pride, and love....every single time.

He runs to the back door yelling, "mama, mama, see flowdas!" He hands them to me one by one, placing each into my hand until I have a pile of them. He is smiling the entire time.

This is his best right now. He has carefully spent time searching in the backyard for these "flowdas" and has picked each one until he has a bouquet to present to me. This is what he can do right now and he does it for me. So, I squeal with delight each and every time and his little face just lights up. I don't care what the flowers look like. I am just in love with his heart of joy and love.

He isn't worried that what he has to offer isn't good enough. He hasn't over thought it. He doesn't have anxiety about the flowers not being the right color or even having a stem for that matter! ;) He is giving with his heart.

Isn't this the heart of God? To give our best and to give it with a full, joyful, and loving heart.
Don't you think that is pleasing to Him as our Father?
I think so.

And so, another lesson learned through my children. :)

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