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Cocktail Party Baby Shower Ideas

Yes folks, you read the title right. It does in fact say, "Cocktail Party Baby Shower Ideas".
Who says that all baby showers have to consist of a cake and punch and cutesy pastel decor? Really, who says that?
Well, it is not me.

I love to throw baby showers, parties, really any reason to celebrate because it is an opportunity to truly personalize an event and show some love in doing so.
The baby shower I am going to share with you today was thrown for a very sweet friend of mine.  She is full of life and one of the most fun-loving gals I know.  She loves a good, sassy pair of heels and an occasional cocktail so we celebrated in style, just for our friend. 

 I sat down with two of my friends, craft supplies and a cup of coffee and our invitations were made. This seems to be a common part of the process for me now that I think about it. Grab some friends to help plan and throw your next is even more fun that way!
 We dressed up, heels and all and enjoyed a very "happy hour" of celebrating sweet little Sawyer.

We had candles lit all around the house and even very large lanterns on the front porch with candles lit to welcome our guests. My lovely friend Kim opened her home for another baby shower so my friends and I invaded with boxes of lovelies!
And for the menu of the evening: Caprice kabobs, margarita cupcakes, bruschetta with fresh balsamic tomato sauce, cucumber ham bites, hot ham and cheese cocktail sandwiches and fresh berry medley.
The fabric banner hanging from the front of the table was hand sewn by Awesome Amy (how is that friend?), also a co-host of the shower.  I made the tissue pom poms...because I love them and think they "make" most celebrations complete!
Also made by Amy were these beautiful margarita cupcakes! I heard they were quite delicious too!
I always love to add fresh flowers as well. I think they are a "must have" and something special to be sent home with the special person you are honoring/celebrating.

And a cocktail party is not complete without the cocktails! Here is our beverage station.  Kim took on making the drinks for everyone. 
I made the "celebration" banner hanging over the mirror with natural card stock, scrapbook paper, stamp pad, and strung it with twine. A good friend made the adorable wine glass markers, complete with hand stamped letters and coordinating scripture verses on the back.
We served a variety of "preggitini's" (non-alcoholic cocktail drinks).  We gave them fun names too....because, well, it was fun and we could! 
You could choose from Pomepregnant Cranberry Cooler, Minty Mango Peach Fuzz, and Momjito.

Aren't they pretty! And they were pretty tasty too!
We all gathered clear wine glasses from our homes, friends and even collected a few from a yard sale or two.  We did not want them to match, but did want them all to be clear.
And this is the wall opposite of our food table.  I love to really make the room/s all about the shower and the people we are celebrating. As I shared in my previous baby shower post, I love to make special pieces that serve as decor for the shower and as a gift that they could possibly use in their nursery and cherish.

Another friend and co-host, sweet Kerri, made the wonderful "S" you see hanging on the wall. She wrapped this chip board letter with yarn and it turned out beautifully.

The little cards hanging on the wall are prayers/wishes for the new parents and baby written by the guests.

I made the wooden picture plaques you see in the photo. I bought various sizes of pre-cut wooden plaques from Hobby Lobby and painted and distressed them. Then, I added a nail to the four corners as well as some blows from the hammer to make them look even more worn and aged.  Then, I added metal clips to the bottom corner so that the photos could be changed. And last, I added picture hangers to the back of each plaque.
The blue one is actually a wooden frame that I bought. It was unfinished wood when I bought it. So, I painted it, used my stamp and stamp pad to add the swirl designs and also to dirty it up a bit.  Then I took my fine point Sharpie and wrote "I am fearfully and wonderfully made" on the bottom. I then brushed a thin layer of paint over that to blend it all.

I love chalkboards! I think they are super fun and super easy to make too. I bought some wood from Lowe's and had them cut it to size for me.  Then I used chalkboard spray paint, giving it a good 3 coats. Next, I took some of the same color aqua blue paint from the frame I painted and added it to the sides of the chalkboard, just for some added color and fun.
And last, I added a little banner to the top corner, made from paper.  The little banner just makes me happy.
Kerri also painted these cute little "Happy" letters and I made a banner to coordinate. The banner reads, "are those whose God is the Lord", which read with the chipboard letters says this, "Happy are those whose God is the Lord."  (Psalm 144:15)

And last, but certainly not least, here are all of the crazy props for our photo booth! We gathered sunglasses, cowboy hats, scarves, hilarious masks and Amy made some awesome props on sticks to hold (such as mustaches, spectacles, big juicy red lips, etc). We had SO much fun at the end of the shower taking ridiculous photos.  I will not be sharing those today for fear of being shot....
.....not really, but I am still not sharing them.

Another celebration enjoyed, another sweet baby welcomed into the world, and another reminder to be thankful for the many wonderful friends in my life to celebrate with!

Some links of inspiration and goodness:
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Hope you are inspired for your next celebration! 
Stay tuned on Wednesday for a Tissue Paper Pom Pom tutorial.

Happy Monday!

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  1. These baby shower ideas are truly superb and happy that you cared to share all your celebrations and happiness here with us. Last party I planned at one of local Los Angeles venues was truly awesome and all loved it.


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