Monday, August 6, 2012

Diy (make your notebooks & binders all your own!)

            Move over Monday morning!

I have my coffee and I am ready to share some simple diy solutions to bring some life and creativity to inexpensive and boring binders, notebooks, and journals.  
Just in time for school too! 

Grab a plain and inexpensive binder, a bottle of Mod Podge, a paintbrush and a pile of your favorite scrapbook paper scraps and start creating.  Go a step further and use your tab dividers inside your binder as a blank canvas too! The options are endless and creativity is limitless!

This is 1 of 2  journals I found on clearance. I like the orange color but it needed more. So, once again, Mod Podge to the rescue!
I went through some old magazines and clipped pictures that inspired me and random words that I thought I may be able to play with.
I added some square metal brads and a strip of black ribbon with my handy glue gunIn the end, I had a unique journal with an inspiring message, "Think outside the box."

Here is the second orange journal. In case you are wondering, I like robots (and I have two little boys that like them too). Again, the images you see are magazine clippings adhered to the journal with Mod Podge.  The black and white letters are actually metal letters from the scrapbook isle at Hobby Lobby. I used my glue gun for these.

 Simply adding a little embellishment to a nice journal goes a long way in making it truly special and unique.
I added a metal piece with the word "strong" stamped on it with my glue gun and then tied some beautifully colored fibers to each end.

Add inspiring words to the inside of your notebooks and journals too.

Why stop there? Create some fun bookmarks too!  You can find these tags in various sizes at Hobby Lobby or other craft supply stores. They usually come in packages of 10-25, depending on size.
Add your paper, cut outs, ribbon, and a little stamp pad brushing on the edges and voila! 

Diy projects do not have to be lengthy or complicated. Altering your journals, notebooks and binders are a quick and easy way to get your creative/crafty fix for the day.  They are also easy enough to let your kids join in and create something fun for school!

Go get your craft on and have fun! 

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