Sunday, August 12, 2012

Handmade Rainbow Birthday Party

Rainbow Birthday Parties are everywhere these days but I simply couldn't resist the bright and cheery colors for my Baby Girl's 4th birthday party.
There are SO many wonderful ideas out there for rainbow parties right now.  I hope you enjoy our party and see that a fun, cute party does not have to break the bank!
I stamped each brightly colored card with this rainbow stamp and colored it in with colored pencils.  The cards came in a package with envelopes at Hobby Lobby for only $6.99.  I used a 40% coupon too so they were even more affordable!
I hand wrote the inside of each card because it is more personal to me and we only had about ten invitations to send out so I could easily do that.
Now, I know that when you throw a rainbow birthday, you are almost expected to make "The Rainbow Cake."  However, my Baby Girl requested a chocolate chip cake and vanilla icecream.  I happily accepted....I was not looking forward to making that rainbow cake.  People say it is easy but I am not sure I believe them!
Besides, how can you go wrong with a chocolate chip cake and a tutu?!

 Handmade flags to top the cake!

 Skittles and M&M's in old glass soda bottles- practical because they are easy to pour and pretty!  I also grabbed these cute little boxes in the dollar bin at Target and filled them with colored Goldfish crackers, forks and napkins.
I LOVE tissue pom poms...seriously LOVE them! And they are so super easy to make too.
The banner on the back wall is actually from Target too. I usually make the banners myself but this one was perfect, already made and only $3!  I took my fine point Sharpie and wrote "happy birthday" on it.
I cut out these hearts while watching a movie with my husband one evening. Then I simply ran them through my sewing machine. It really is a super easy way to add some custom garland to your decor. It is also very inexpensive since you only need a few pieces of colored card stock.
I also cut out some larger hearts and wrote "It's Your Day Josie" on them for the wall.

And of course, party favor bags! I found these rainbow alphabet stickers in the Target dollar bin too! There were 5 sheets in each package which made them even a better deal!  Each bag has stickers, a little notebook, a rainbow colored pencil, two suckers and a temporary tattoo.  There were two little ones at our party so we made sure they had a treat they could enjoy by adding some fruit snacks to their bag.
Our party was a rainbow pool party, as requested by my Baby Girl.  We had our cake table and presents inside and then headed outside for some water fun- a pool, sprinkler, water guns, and tubs filled with water and toys!
I couldn't resist the pink flamingo!
And every child got to leave with one of these around their neck too.

Simple. Inexpensive. Fun.
Special Day.

Today, Baby Girl turns 4....Happy Birthday my sweet girl.  You have brought so much joy to my life and in only four years, you have already taught me so much. You are a blessing and I thank God for you every day.

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