Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DiY ~ T-Shirt Rebuild

I had a “girl style” tshirt that I really liked but wasn’t a huge fan of how it fit. So, I saw some ideas on how to change it up a bit and took them and created my own.

I started with the shirt and some cotton material I had lying around that blended in color.
Here is the shirt originally:

I wanted to loosen it up a bit. So I took the back and cut a straight line up the back about 6 ½ inches.

Then I spread out the cut so it made a V or a triangle. From here I took a square piece of the material and laid it over the opening and pinned it on the inside. I sewed it to the inside and then trimmed off the edge. You can use a machine for this or do it by hand.

I did the same thing with a second piece of material on the outside and I folded the bottom edge over to create a good even line across the bottom of the shirt.

Finally, I added a couple square patches to other spots on the shirt to create a look of continuity and make it look more intentional and original. Viola! Now it’s more roomy and comfy and has some cute character. Easy DiY in about 30 minutes or so.

Enjoy and let me know how your t-shirt rebuilds go.


This is where I got the straight cut V idea, I'll probably try this out on the dress for Keylee someday too. 
Toddler T-Shirt Dress

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