Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DiY - Ring Bling

Hey ladies,
So a little note about myself to start this post off, I LOVE jewelry. I love making it, wearing it, and giving it. I have since forever. So what better way to start off my DiYs then with a little ring making tutorial on some fun EASY rings.
You’ll need the following:
v  Ring blanks
v  Scrapbook brads or raised stickers
v  Wire cutters
v  E6000 glue (this stuff is awesome, my fav craft glue)

If you are using a brad take it and cut off the “legs.”

Take some E6000 and put it on the top pad of the ring blank.

Place the brad on top and make sure it is centered and lay it with the ring side up to dry (instead of on its side so it won’t slide out of place while it dries). Viola! You have a ring or 10 or however many you pop out. They are so quick and easy, I went a bit overboard myself but they aren’t expensive or difficult so go nuts.

Enjoy your Tuesday and let me know how your rings turn out.

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  1. What a great and easy idea! Perfect for someone like me who is craft-challenged. I don't wear a lot of jewelry but I will if I find something unique. This is definitely one way to make something and wear something that should be very unique. Thanks for sharing!!!


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