Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful and a little DiY Toy Storage

I just want to share a post about thankfulness. I am not always thankful. I have days in which I complain about misbehavior of my child and other adults. I complain about a never ending list of chores that once done have to be started again. I complain about the general state of things and politics (which I do my best to stay away from).

I do my best to refocus on days that I’m in a complaining mood but some days it is difficult. Today, however, is a thankful day. Last night I was riding the mower around the yard cutting the grass which I love to do because it is so relaxing (something I haven’t done since Key was born-the hubbs has taken it back on). As I was mowing I was just thinking about how blessed we are and it has carried over into today.
I have a million things to be thankful for. A loving husband that seeks God wholeheartedly. A sweet little girl that is healthy and happy, growing and learning every day. A home that keeps us cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Family all around that loves God and does their best to serve him. Food in the refrigerator and in the cabinets. Laundry and dishes to wash. Friends. I can go on and on because each and every thing that surrounds me is a blessing God has given me.

But most of all I am thankful for a Savior that gave his life for the sins of man. Who did not let the cup pass from him. This of all the blessings I have received is by far the greatest and most valuable. And on days like yesterday (before the mowing) when I am frustrated and tired and not leaning on Him to help me through he just waits for me to call on Him and He is always there to listen. THANKFUL!
So yesterday while I was complaining about all the toys in the playroom that pile up the floor I decided to come up with an option to store them better. I have an idea for what I want to do long term but for the short term I threw this quick under the futon storage together to clear some floor space. I am going to make another to hold the other half of the toys but boy does it make me happy to have them tucked away but easy to access for the kiddos!

This is a temporary solution I made of things I had on hand, but if you wanted to make it more permanent there are options for that as well.
1.       I took a cardboard box and cut the sides down until it was the right size to fit under the futon. You are basically cutting down the corners and refolding them .

2.       Then I cut off all the flaps to make it an open box.

3.       Then I took some butcher paper and glued it on in random places to cover most the seams and all the writing on the box.

4.       I then took the Polycrilic I talked about in a previous post (here) and coated the whole thing to give it a little more durability and a little bit of a leathery look.

5.       Let that all dry and then punched a couple holes and tied in a piece of twine as a pull.
Easy and fast. They could be dressed up with craft paper or even material if you want this to be a long lasting storage solution. Here is a tutorial on material covering a box.


Enjoy your Thursday!

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