Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dames of DiY ~ Wreaths, Rosettes, and We Have A Winner

For our Dames class this time around we decided to make fun material wrapped wreaths and decorate them with rosettes. This class was a lot of fun (as they all are) and the ladies really seemed to enjoy the projects.

We of course had to start off with some yummy treats and drinks!  And then our ladies got to pick a station with their pals and get their craft on.

To make a wreath all you need is a round foam wreath shape (we used 14 inch wreaths) and the material/ribbon/yarn of your choice to wrap it in. I using material you will need a piece or multiple pieces about 2 inches wide and 225 inches long. The wider the pieces the less length you need. 

~Start on the back side of the wreath. Pin one end of material and start wrapping making sure the edges overlap to cover the entire foam base. Wrap till the material meets at the other end and pin in place. Trim off excess. If using multiple pieces of material you will need to pin each start and end in place.

~TIP: DO NOT use hot glue or other craft glues on your foam wreaths. The heat in hot glue and the chemicals in glues like E6000 melt the foam and leave you with a mess.

Once your wreath is complete you can add your embellishments. Rosettes, ribbons, berries, buttons, letters anything and everything or just one thing. These wreaths are very versatile and can be changed as many times as you like with everything just pinned in place.

For our class we decided to go with rosettes. For the rosettes you’ll need a card stock or material backing, material or ribbon to wrap, and a hot glue gun.

*Start with your card stock circle for the backing. (we used 1 ½ inch circles)

*Grab your material and your glue gun and glue material to the center of the circle.

*From this point, you will be twisting and wrapping your material around in a circle with a dab of glue here and there to keep it in place. You may run out of space on your backing but you can keep wrapping and gluing to the material itself if you would like it to be bigger.

*When you run out of material or you have the desired size of rosette that you want, simply glue your end down.

*To attach to the already completed wreath push a pin through the center of the rosette and hide under your overlapping material and push pin into wreath at desired location.

*TIP: More rosette fun – you can adhere a pin on the back, a barrette, attach them to frames, pillows, scarves, hats, or even make some jewelry with them!


Once we completed our projects we had to take a few fun pics. Each wreath was different just like each Dame and they all looked great. And Jenny and I even got in on the fun with a few accessories!!!


And finally, each lady got to leave with a fun treat bag. Just like the one that Tammy Eros won in our giveaway. Tammy we'll be in touch soon!

If you are local you should join us. We always have a blast!


Here is a link to a fun rosette bracelet tutorial for some more inspiration.

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