Saturday, December 22, 2012

Good Music, Good Friends, Good Times

Last night we gathered with some close friends to celebrate the release of my husband's first full album on cd.
This is the artwork on the cover of the cd.

It was really such a fun night and many sweet friends came to show their support.  My husband played a few songs from the album live on his acoustic guitar for us and then we ate, talked and laughed as we listened to the full album the rest of the evening.
You can download the entire album here. Go check it out. You won't be sorry!
There it is.....the cd! So excited for him!
Made some more glitter jars for the party, because what says party like sparkly glitter! Am I right?
Added some tea lights and added some life to the food table.
Star shaped gluten free shortbread cookies....with a little silver sprinkles on top.
The rest of the spread! There was plenty of food!
Yes, that says EAT LOTS OF CANDY. I know, I know....not consistent with "Wellness Wednesdays." HA!
It's a party people!
A little epsom salts goes a long way...instant icy snow!
Apple cider made with red hots! My mom used to make this when I was a kid and so we gave it go and it was a HIT!
I had some of his artwork from his album blown up at Staples to hang on the wall for the party and to later be added to the walls in his studio.
The 16X20 quality color prints are on sale at Staples for $7 right now thru the end of the month! They are normally close to $20 each! Go NOW!
Stacks of the cd's! This is a bad pic (taken with my phone-oops) but the cd's look super cool. If you really want to see should get one! ;) and my amazing husband.  *sigh*
I SUPER love this man.
He rocks.

Merry Christmas!!!

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