Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Candy Cane Poem- DiY Friend or Neighbor Gift

Today, I want to share a fun little poem with you about candy canes.
We read the Bible daily with our children and have many discussions about truth and God's word. But I am also always looking for fun, kid-friendly ways to relate such things to them; to give them a visual, in an effort to help them better understand (without watering down the truth).

I had seen a similar poem before years ago so I was excited to find one again and introduce it to my kids.
"Look at the candy cane, 
what do you see?
stripes that are red
like the blood shed for me
white for my Savior
Who's sinless and pure!
"J" is for Jesus
my Lord, that's for sure!
turn it around
and a staff you will see
Jesus my Shepherd
is coming for me!"
The activity in their advent calendar the other day was to "make treats for friends and deliver them." And this is what I had lined up for them.
I downloaded the free printable here. Then, I had them printed on card stock and cut them out. I let the kids draw pictures on the back of each one. Next, I let the kids go town with the hole punch, punching one hole at the top of the poem and one at the bottom.
And lastly, we carefully stuck our candy cane through the holes. You do have to be careful with this step so you don't rip the paper.
We got invited to the cutest kid Christmas party this morning so it was the perfect time to distribute some of our candy canes to friends!
Check out the fun things from the party!
Each child got to make a reindeer nutter butter and a snowman nutter butter cookie. They also got to make these cute little hot chocolate sticks too!
And for lunch, of course a reindeer PB&J sandwich!

She even made little treats for the moms too! Aren't these little hot chocolate mugs the cutest?!
The bottom is a fudge oreo, then a marshmallow dipped in chocolate bark, sprinkled with a few mini marshmallows and a small candy cane stuck in the side for your handle.

My friend did such a great job on this party. The kids had a blast and so did I.
Check out the links below to make your own kid-friendly holiday treats!

Reindeer Cookies
Snowman Cookies
Reindeer Sandwiches

Hope you are enjoying some fun Christmas festivities yourselves!

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