Thursday, December 20, 2012

DiY Christmas Decor

We are getting so close to Christmas. YAY! Here are a few more quick last minute DiY décor ideas. I’ve been working on a project using quite a bit of card stock and I had leftover pieces that I didn’t want to part with so I decided to cut out a few letters and make a couple fun banners. This NoEl banner hangs above the kitchen sink. I just used a pencil to write out the letters on the paper and then cut it out and used tape on the backs to attach the letters to craft string.

Also, I found this really cute printable online and just had to use it. So, I printed it off and hung it on my master bathroom wall. Then I followed this fun felt mistletoe tutorial and made a mistletoe ball to hang above our bed. I thought it was fun and well placed, wink wink.

Merry Christmas!


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