Thursday, December 6, 2012

DiY Kids Felt Christmas Tree

I saw a picture of a cute felt Christmas tree online and decided I could certainly do that. So I went and dug out my stockpile of felt and got to work. I wanted it to fit on Keylee’s bedroom door so I made it a little bit skinny. You can basically make any shape of tree you want.

You’ll need about a yard of green felt and some felt in other colors to make the presents and ornaments. My green felt already had a bit of a crooked curve on one side from another project so I used that as a guideline for the base.

I just eyeballed the size I wanted the tree and cut it out. I used a yard stick to cut straight lines. I found some ornament clipart online used it for my template to cut out my different ornaments.
I assumed the felt would stick to itself and it kind of did but not great. So, I added a bit of hot glue to the back of each to help them stick.
They stuck a little better but still not great for little hands to get up there so they would stay. Finally, I added a small strip of Velcro to each and that did the trick. They stay on so much better. Key loves to take them on and off and decorate her little tree. Make one for your littles and let the fun begin.


Here is the inspiration version.

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