Thursday, December 13, 2012

DiY Chevron & Peacock Feather Ornaments

Everyone loves chevron right now and peacock feathers are everywhere. So, in the spirit of Christmas I decided to bring them into Christmas decorating.

For the chevron ornament you’ll need: a clear plastic or glass ornament, some acrylic paint (color of your choice), painters tape, and ribbon.
*Take the ornament and tape off your zigzag design. I didn’t measure I just eyed the spacing. I cut strips of tape then cut them in half and place them all the way around.
*Paint in between the tape.
*Once the paint has dried you may need to do a couple touch-ups here and there. The great thing about plastic or glass is that you can scratch off the paint if it runs too far.

*Add a bow and some ribbon to hang it with.

For the peacock ornament you’ll need:  a clear plastic or glass ornament, a peacock feather, and some ribbon.
*Pull the top off the ornament.
*Grab your peacock feather and push it down into the ornament (I used the feathers off this other ornament a purchased for a couple dollars but you can get peacock feathers anywhere).
*Put the top back and tie a bow and a ribbon for hanging.

Some fun ornaments to add to your Christmas d├ęcor. What DiY ornaments did you make this year?

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