Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Light up the Night ~ DiY Lit Porch Christmas Trees

I found another brilliant tip on the Internet ~ tomato cages wrapped in lights to make fun outside lit Christmas tree. This project is sooooo very simple but has such a great impact. All you need is a couple tomato cages and a bunch of old lights. I had some strings of icicle lights that used to go on the outside of the house. I used three per cage. The picture I saw used the regular green strung Christmas lights but I actually like the white better because they are much brighter. 
That wreath probably looks familiar. Check out the tutorial here.

Take the cage and start wrapping from top to bottom. Because the icicle lights are so full and have so many strands hanging down I did not have to use anything to attach them to the cages. Just keep wrapping till you get the desired fullness or run out of lights. I did in fact run out of lights on the second tree and had to unwrap a little bit and pull the lights down to get them all the way to the bottom.

After wrapping away I was finished and totted them out to the porch. I simply love them. They look great at night (my photography wasn’t great on the night pics) and they were pretty inexpensive. Each cage was about $4 and I had the lights so this was an $8 project. The home improvement store I visited also had colored tomato cages but they went up in price. Also I used really tall ones but you could use smaller ones depending on your needs. We all know the lit trees you can buy at the stores are at least three times that amount. I say this was a win!

How do you light up the night during Christmas?

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