Friday, March 1, 2013

DiY Baby Boy Diaper Stack

Well, I made those fun onsies yesterday. And as I said, my friend asked for diapers. I didn’t want to just throw the diapers and onsies in a bag or basket so I decided to make a present stack of diapers and onsies instead. Some people would call this I diaper cake, I wasn’t going for that exact look but its definitely similar.

I just took the pack of diapers (40 count), made stacks, and rubber banded them together. I grabbed some ribbon and wrapped a piece around each stack, pinning it together at the front (because it would later be covered). Then I took the onsies and laid them over the bottom layer and pinned the shoulders together. I flipped the stack and pinned them together on the bottom also. I decided the superman shirt should be the focal at the top so I pinned the shirt on the top stack. I tied one ribbon around the entire stack top to bottom to hold it all together. I got this cutie little guitar and shoes to add as the bow at the top and tied them on with ribbon. Finally, I stuffed a little goodie in the toe for momma (a ring she’s had her eye on for a while at a local department store).

Happy Friday and Happy March…spring is coming!!!

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