Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DiY Bulletin Board

I love having a spot to quickly tack up things that I want to have an eye on. My desk sits in a tiny hallway between the living room and two of the bedrooms. So, I have to make the most of the space. I’ll probably add a frame or do something to dress mine up later, but I needed to get it back up on the wall with a new coat. For now it’s just plain and functional.

What you’ll need:
Duct Tape
Staple Gun

1. Cut your cardboard to size (this can be whatever size you would like). Two pieces of the same size layered (this makes it thick enough to keep the tacks out of the wall).
2. Duct tape them together.
3. Lay your cardboard on top of your material and staple it to the back (I found this curtain panel for $0.50 at a flea market but didn’t want to cut it so I just wrapped it up like a present).

4. Flip it pretty side out and nail to the wall.

This project cost me 50 cents!!! I had this bulletin board previously in the same space twice the size. I decided to half it and recover it so reusing all my supplies all I needed was a new piece of material. Of course it goes nicely with my reusable calendar (instructions here).


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