Thursday, March 14, 2013

DiY Makeup Brush Cleaning

I’ve learned a lot about makeup over the last decade or so (that makes me sound old).  One of the best things I learned in the last few years is that brushes are my friend. They make everything go on a bit smoother and can really help add that shading and shadowing we all like. But, what I’ve not been very good at is cleaning those lovely tools.

So, I set out to give my brushes a good cleaning and some new life. Lo and behold they needed the dip a lot worse than I thought. I’m a little hesitant to show you the pic of the water after my friends took a dip but I think you should see what you’re up against if you aren’t cleaning your brushes. A little makeup residue and probably a bit of bacteria.  

It is really very simple. You can buy a brush cleaning product or you can simply grab some baby wash. Since I have little bit at home I stole borrowed a tablespoon of her baby wash and filled up a jar with warm water to make a good suds bath.

Wipe any excess makeup off on a paper towel first.

Then give each brush a good dip and swirl, running them across the bottom of the glass/bowl to release all the makeup. Leave it in the water and grab the next one. As you can see, my friends needed a good bath.

Once they have all been dipped and swirled rinse them in cold water. Reshape each one and lay them on a towel slightly angled.

Once they dry they are soft and have reclaimed they former glorious shapes and smell quite nice as well.

Your face will thank you!!!


  1. Good to know! I've just started learning how to do make up (beyond just smudging some eyeliner on - which is basically all I've ever done) and was just looking at buying a set of brushes, so this will be helpful!


  2. I need to do this. Thanks for sharing!
    :) Liz @

  3. Absolutely a must if you use brushes. Thanks for stopping by!


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