Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Break Fun

While we were off last week I and my little family unit got to escape for a few days. We ran up to Branson Missouri and spent a couple days at an indoor water park. Keylee loves water. We thought it would be fun to let her have some water fun even though our weather outside isn’t quite cooperating yet. She had a blast and we chased her all over that place. 

The main playhouse was pretty fun. The next pic is Keylee leading her daddy through it.

Every 30 minutes or so a bell sounds and the giant bucket on top of the playhouse dumps gallons of water. We never jumped into the waterfall but every time the bell rang Keylee stopped to watch. After it was over she would turn to one of us and say "it's gonna be a little while till it happens again." Love that kid!

Of course there is always a lazy river. 

The kiddie play area was a hit and she went down the slide about 25 times on the last day. 

Shortly before we were going to head out she was taking another trip up the ramp to slide down again but she took off too fast and fell. That fall took it out of her and we were finished. Look at this face:
Poor sweet thing. I just want to eat her up. Of course she was not happy I was taking her pictures at all.
In spite of her spill at the end she had a good time and we are still talking about it. We are so fortunate to be able to do fun things like this. Love making memories with our girl. 

Did you have any fun spring break adventures? Share them with us.

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