Monday, March 4, 2013

New Finds, New Pieces & New Inspiration

So, Daspri and I got to rummage through some cool vintage clothing and accessories this weekend at a Vintage Clothing Trunk Show. I'll share more details on that later.
However, while we were out, we also got to hit a few flea markets too. Seriously, my kind of Saturday morning!
 I scored this adorable mirrored tray. I fell in love with it right away. I love the delicate detail on the metal but more than anything, it reminds of me of the tray that my grandmother kept in her bathroom. I remember it vividly. She would keep her perfume, lotion and jewelry on this tray.
I have very precious memories of time spent with my grandmother.

 I also went home with these cute little juice glasses. I got 20 of them for $5! I was pretty excited about these because my husband and I just decided to ditch some of the plastic cups and dishes that we had and go glass and porcelain all the way. I much prefer this but when you have small children, you just seem to accumulate all manner of plastic ware.

I have been meaning to share a few glimpses of the new pieces that I made for the local store that sells my handmade jewelry.
A little steam punk love.....
A little vintage velvet love...
A LOT of love.....

I was really happy with this batch of jewelry. I had a blast creating it and I especially had a great time making the packaging this time around too!
Each piece was paired with a unique hand sewn card.

A few pieces were paired with tags like these.
If you are local, you can find all of these pieces at Branch Out.

And now onto the new inspiration....
Uh, that's a big fat NO!
This is my "craft studio!"  HA! More like, my craft closet, the kid's art supply closet, old files and tax documents closet and random items that my husband wants to keep closet.
This closet has driven me CRA-ZY for some time now. Mainly, because.....well, look at it!
I have reorganized it several times but because it houses so many different things, it gets messy so fast.
When I create, I usually only have a block of time while the kids are napping or sleeping at night. So, I need my supplies to be very well organized and easy to grab and transfer to the dining room table where everything takes place.
For this to happen, I really need the whole closet for just my supplies.
So, creative space is in the works! Seriously, I know it's just a closet, but I am super excited about it!

Now that you've seen my "studio"in all it's glory, I am even more inspired to get this project moving and share my finished space with you!
Bring on the new inspiration!!!!

What are you working on right now? What is your inspiration?
I'd love to hear about it.

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