Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DiY Bracelet Wrap

I have a sweet neighbor that creates goodies too. She buys bags of broken pieces and recycles or reuses the parts she can and then passes the rest along. A little while ago she was so sweet to bring me two bags of pieces to look through. One of the bags was full of bracelets. YAY! Most of them were still intact but missing a stone or something like that. So I shuffled through all the goodies and sorted everything and grabbed a few of these bracelets to wrap them up.

I wanted to make a 3 piece set so I got some yarn, craft yarn, and craft string in complementing colors (all I had on-hand).

Each one was wrapped using these different materials and some hot glue. Fun and quick project and happened to be free…! You can always wrap an old bracelet you have and don’t really care for anymore or grab a tape roll and go to town (see tutorial).


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