Friday, March 8, 2013

I Heart Vintage Clothing

I really do, I absolutely love (heart) vintage clothing....and vintage fabric, vintage sheets, vintage curtains, vintage dishes, vintage furniture, vintage books, vintage buttons.....
you see where this is going.

Daspri and I got to spend a fabulous Saturday morning last weekend looking through some lovely vintage pieces at a vintage trunk show.

 Rockin some awesome vintage sunglasses
Looking tough in some vintage hats
And we're back....that was really hard not to smile in that last shot!
Isn't this so cute!
My friend Tina of Curio630 does an amazing job finding super cool vintage pieces. She really has an eye for these things. And I think she did a great job with her display too!
Oh, she's totally bringing out more vintage shoes. Time to put the camera down for a minute.
And I'm back because apparently women back in the day had freakishly small feet! Or I could be a tad bit bitter because the shoes were so stinkin cute and.....SMALL! 
Daspri tried on this really cute dress complete with matching "hot pants" to wear underneath. Then we realized why it came with matching hot pants.....HELLO large SLIT!
Me: "Daspri, you could totally wear leggings with this dress and even the hot pants too. It's really cute!"
Daspri: "Jenny, you can see my butt."
Me: "But it's really cute and you can wear leggings."
Daspri: "Jenny, you can see my butt."

Needless to say, the dress didn't make the cut.

Lovely vintage scarves...we may or may not have purchased a few of these for a fun little DiY in the near future. :)
I love everything about this little nook; the orange chair, the cool light, and the big map on the wall. Not to mention the adorable vintage pillows. I really love those pillows.
Ah, I love this little nook even more now.
Thank you Tina for a lovely morning out, for your fab vintage "eye" and for our lovely vintage finds!
Check out Curio630.

Have a great weekend!

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