Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Apples, Life & Crisp!

We recently took a little trip with some friends to a nearby orchard to pick apples. The kids and I have had this trip on our Fall Fun List for the past 2 years and inevitably, someone gets sick and we are out of pocket just long enough to miss the apple picking season. Not this year baby!
We had such a great time picking apples. It was a first for the kids and the first time since I was a little girl for me. The kids thought it was the greatest thing ever that they could pick apples from a tree to take home and eat/sample them while there too!
It was so precious to watch them in awe over the apple trees and running from tree to tree, calling their friends and siblings to come look.
It also brought back a lot of special memories for me as well.  My grandparents had a farm with hundreds of fruit trees when I was a little girl and I have wonderful memories from that farm.

Man, I love these little boots on her little feet!
She had to wear her boots because mommy was wearing hers....precious.
Apples! Apples! And more apples!!!
On the way home, Baby Girl was very concerned about all of the apples that were left lying on the ground. She was asking questions about what would happen to them. Then A.Vox began telling her that they would die and get yucky because they had fallen from the tree.
This led into a wonderful conversation.
I love that everything in creation speaks of the Lord God and glorifies Him. And I am super thankful for moments like this within our day where the Lord opens my eyes to see Him and allows me to seize that moment with my children and what He is teaching us. thankful. :)

Now, what to do with all of these apples...PLENTY!
Check out some great recipes:

Apple Crisp (I used apples instead of the blueberries & left out the walnuts-YUMMY!)
Apple Chips

Also- bake the apples in the oven, slice them and dip them in peanut butter or caramel, juice them, or take a big ole' bite out of them the old fashion way!

Enjoy the day and don't miss the beautiful moments happening around you!

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