Monday, October 1, 2012

End of School Year Party

We had such a fun weekend! How about you?
Our weekend started with a pizza party in celebration of "the Vox" (my 2nd oldest) and his completion of Kindergarten. I mean, finishing your first ever year of school is a big deal! It is around here anyway.
We are blessed to be able to homeschool our children and I want them to have the opportunity to show family what they have accomplished and what they have learned.
We started this with our oldest and it was such a hit that we adopted it as a new family tradition. I am sure that when they have all completed their first year that we will continue the pizza party as a way for them all to proudly share their work with some of the nearby family.
It is a special evening. It is a simple evening. It is one that they anticipate with much excitement. The Vox has been looking forward to this for close to two months now! He finished his schooling and then one thing after another came up, but this weekend, the party was on!
I had The Vox help me decorate, which he LOVED! He wrote the message on the chalkboard himself. I made a simple banner out of some of my scrapbook paper.
I displayed all of his school work, crafts, and drawings for family to look at. I bought a cheap binder and some sheet protectors and placed all of his worksheets, grouping them by lessons, in each sheet. Then, we decorated a little cover for the binder. I won't do this every year by any means, but each child will have one for kindergarten that we save.

 I also had a little plastic bin full of some little booklets he made during the school year too.

And in case any of you are wondering about what curriculum we use, we use My Father's World and love it!
More of The Vox's handy work and some delicious almond cookies! I made half plain and half with mini m&m's in them for a special treat for the kids. Healthy and delicious (except for the m&m's of course)!
I seriously LOVE these little signs that he did for the party! I love them so much that they are still on my kitchen counter and will stay there for a little bit longer. They are just so sweet and make me smile.
MMMMMM......YUM-MY! This is one of my favorite things to eat these days! I! And yes, I CAN eat it! The crust is made  from Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust mix. It is super easy to mix up and affordable at only $3.99 a package. It makes 2 large pizzas that easily feed our family of 6!
I top it with as many veggies as I possibly can and then as it comes right out of the oven hot, I add very thin slices of avocado as my "cheese".
I made two of these for those of us who are strictly eating gluten free and then, the hub's ordered some Papa John's Pizzas for everyone else, because pepperoni pizza (ya know, the real deal) is seriously considered a treat in our house these days.
I hung up several of my favorite drawings by the Vox. He is seriously a little artist. He loves to draw and make things and pays very close attention to detail.
I love these two drawings!
We have two very cool books by UsBorne Publishing. One teaches you how to draw animals and the other, people. The kids have loved them and learned a lot from them.

The evening was all about him. I hope so much that he felt special and loved, because he is.....very much!

And one more fun thing from our weekend, I just have to share a little about was this.....

This crazy awesome place was a traveling art show of sorts called the Mirazozo Luminarium. It was so amazing.
 It was a big hit with the kids too.
Check it out here.

Hope you have a happy Monday!

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