Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DiY Nail Polish ~ Any Color You Choose

Well Jenny and I got together the other night for some girl time and projects. Some were good, some not so good, some failed and some were a great success. I’m sharing the success today, the failures will be coming later as well!

DiY Nail Polish Coloring~so fun! This is such a quick and easy project and you could do so much with it. You get to choose your color or mixture of colors and even name it when you are finished.
What you’ll need: clear coat nail polish, eye shadow (can be old, used, cheap or brand new), a small container (non-porous), a scrap of paper, and a spoon.

So here’s how:

1.       Empty a small amount of nail polish out of the container into the trash; you’ll need room for the eye shadow.

2.       Choose the color of eye shadow and chip it into the small container.

3.       Crush it with the spoon.

4.       Make a small funnel out of the scrap paper (of course if you already have a small funnel you can skip this step!). Simply take a square and roll it corner to corner.
5.       Scoop the crushed shadow into the funnel.

6.       Give it a shake and get to painting those nails!
Here are two of our fun colors  ` StarDust and Feelin' Funky.

Make it! Name it! Wear it! Love it!
Thanks for the tip Delighted Momma.
AND...Don't forget Dames of DiY tonight if you want to get out and have some girl time while doing some really fun projects.

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