Monday, October 29, 2012

OH BABY! (DiY Baby Gifts)

Monday is here and so is Fall weather! Can I get a WOOT WOOT!
I love, love, love this weather and it is finally here to stay! The evenings are cold enough to curl up in a warm blanket. In the morning, there is a chill in the air and I can wrap up in a hoodie or a sweater and cuddle up to the kiddos with a hot cup of coffee in hand. The daytime is still sunny with an incredible cool breeze and fresh smelling air to breathe.  Ahhhh, I love it.
The Fall weather makes our Sunday morning breakfast even more enjoyable too!
Almond Flour Pancakes, Banana Nut style! YUM-MY! You can get the recipe here.

 Now that I have shared my love for Fall with you, I can move onto the DiY portion of today's post, baby gifts!
It seems that there is always someone in my life that is expecting a sweet baby. The stores are full of essentials and lots of cute stuff, but there is just something so special about a handmade baby gift and the time that someone takes to make that special something for you and your little one.
So, let's look at some fun and easy DiY baby gifts!
Baby Cakes!
I love these sweet little cupcakes made from baby socks. I mean, what is sweeter than precious, tiny little socks rolled up into cupcakes!
Add cute cupcake liners and some fun scrapbook embellishments.
A cute handmade label on top.
And of course, a list of the ingredients on the bottom!
Here is what you need:
six pack of baby socks- sz 3-6 mo
cupcake liners
ribbons (optional)
container from the bakery dept of your local grocery store (i actually bought some clearance cookies for my kids and washed the box)

Click here for a great tutorial on these.
Next on the list is a personal favorite, Daddy's Dootie Belt!
My mom made one for my husband upon the anticipated arrival of our first and I thought it was so fun that I have since made many for other friends too. The dad's get a little left out sometimes and this is right up their alley!
What you need: 
-cotton "tool belt" (got mine from Hobby Lobby)
-work goggles
-travel wipes
-2 newborn diapers (I bought a package-used two for the belt and then tied ribbon around the rest as part of their gift too)
-diaper cream
-disposable gloves
-clothes pins
-travel disposable diaper baggies
-fabric markers
Add some fun text to your clothes pins, "hold your nose" and "the backup".
Not your average bib!
I took a plain cotton bib from Target and used some stitch witchery to adhere this fun patch. I did also add a square of thick cotton brown material to the back of the patch (using my sewing machine) to make it a little more durable and also to make it pop. Smooth Operator baby!
And last but not least, a keepsake box.
I get really excited when I come across old cigar boxes or even newer ones for that matter. They are great wooden boxes to embellish with some creativity.
With a little paint, scrapbook paper, fine tip sharpie, stamp pad, and Mod Podge; I turned this cigar box into a rather cute keepsake box for a friend's baby boy.

Happy Monday! Go enjoy this wonderful Fall season and put your creativity to work!

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  1. What a sweet way to give away gifts! :) Those cupcake socks are perfect as special baby gifts. Thank you for sharing it to the readers.


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