Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Color Me Happy (fun hair coloring)

I have been seeing some amazing photos of beautifully, vibrantly colored hair lately, and I LOVE it!
For those who have known me for a long time, this will not come as a surprise to you. I have done many different things to my hair, from color to cuts to styles. However, I have never done these colors before!
This was my inspiration.
 And here I am!
Daspri and I headed off to the salon for some hair coloring fun! I was super excited! It has been a long time since I have really done anything different, or anything at all, with my hair. I have been ready for something really fun for a while.
EEEEK! It's time to take the foil off my hair now!
Time for a quick rinse....while Daspri casually stands by watching and telling me that the orange is really bright. HA! HA! HA!
I see color! But let's dry it really good so I can REALLY see this color!
YAY! Now, THAT is what I am talking about!
I just had him do the last 6-7 inches of my hair and I seriously LOVE it....which is definitely a good thing! It is not permanent because apparently, the really bright, bold colors are not. However, the color should stay in my hair for quite some time. It will just fade to lighter colors over time, so I get even more fun changes as it comes out!
And I just realized that there are a lot of exclamation marks in this post! Sorry! I am excited!!!!!

If you want some more color in your life, and particularly, your hair but are not ready for a long term commitment, there are some other fun options.
I have seen hair chalking all over Pinterest these days. Check one out here. And then, one of these days, I feel as though we may have a little hair chalking experimenting going on here as well.

Have a beautifully vibrant day friends!

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