Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DiY Wavey Beachy Hair Texture

Well, if you are like me you stick to 1 or 2 hair styles day in and day out. For some reason I'm creative with so many other aspects of my life but not my hair. Recently, partly due to Pinterest and partly do to me having a "want to", I've branched out a bit in the hair world. My hair is very "clean," slick, and thick says my hair dresser (one of my best buds of all time) and because of that I have to use some pretty hardcore products to hold it even for a short time, which I don't like doing. This is part of the reason I stick to those couple styles that work without product. But again I am branching out into the world of hair. For me adding texture to my hair gives me a little more ease in working with it if I want a stay put style. So I've begun using a texture product that really helps. Volumizing Texturizing Powder can be found pretty easily right now but it costs a little bit.

But yesterday I tried something new: homemade salt hair spray. It is made from natural products I had in my home and was so easy to make. All you need is warm water, epsom salt, and coconut oil. I've seen a couple versions of this spray and some have other ingredients like gel and use olive oil instead of coconut. But I like using the coconut oil because it smells great and the epsom salt because it dissolves well.

*1/2 cup warm water (the warm water helps the other ingredients dissolve)
*2 teaspoons epsom salt
*1 teaspoon coconut oil (this helps to keep your hair from drying out because of the salt)

Add all the ingredients together and poor in a spray bottle. Spritz hair and scrunch. It really adds nice texture to my hair so it holds in buns, ponytails and updos much easier, it even gives my bobbypins something to grab on to instead of just sliding right out. I tried to get a pic but it is so hard to capture texture, here is the best shot I could get for you.

Because my hair is pretty straight and slick it doesn't give me big waves but it does give me some and adds that texture.
happy tuesday,

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