Thursday, October 25, 2012

DiY Material on Canvas

So, I am not really a painter. I’ve done a few pieces here and there but most things I do are abstract and not really based on anything specific. But when I was decorating Keylee’s room I wanted a couple wall hangings to match in her bathroom (also the guest bathroom). I wanted the pieces to look like her bedspread which was made by a dear friend based on one I had found online at quite a high price.

This is the set my friend made in Keylee's room before she was born, isn't it amazing!

I didn’t have enough leftover to just put the material in the frames and I also wanted to pick some specific flowers from the pattern. So, I cheated and made something myself with canvas paper, trace paper, a permanent marker, and some acrylic paint.

Take the material you want to copy. Trace it with pencil onto trace paper (I borrowed this trace paper from a kids meal trace book I picked up somewhere along the way). Then lay it on your canvas and draw over the pencil with permanent marker. I used canvas paper so I could frame it but this would work on any canvas or paper really. Make sure you hold the paper in place tightly so your trace is straight. The marker will bleed through the trace paper and give you a nice outline for painting. From that point it is just painting over it with whatever medium you choose.
Have fun!

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