Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DiY Stretchy Bracelets

Hello all! Hope you made it through your Monday and the week ahead is looking great for you. For this Try-It Tuesday I’m going to show you how to make simple stretchy bracelets. This is one of the very first things I learned to make when I started out with jewelry. My sister-in-law Ashley showed me this fun trick and I made a ton. It took off from there and I learned to work with wire and chain and all kinds of beads but this is still a fun go-to when I want to make something quick. These are also great for kiddos so they can pull them off and on easily. Just make sure they are “of-age.”

You will need:
~Stretchy Bead String
~ Beads of choice

1.       Cut a length of stretchy bead string the size of your desired bracelet + about 2 inches extra (more if you have trouble working with small string). So for a 7.5 inch bracelet (pretty standard) but about 9.5 inches.

2.       If you have a Bead Stopper slide it on the end, if not just tie a knot.

3.       Begin stringing your beads. Sliding them on the stretchy string in a very specific pattern or a  non-pattern pattern ;)

4.       String them for the length desired (ex: 7.5 inches)

5.       Once you have the beads on tie the ends together. I usually tie them off about three times. Pull as tight as you can to make sure the knot holds. Pull the string away from the knot to see if it grabbed (this is where having extra string can come in handy if you have trouble holding on. I usually use two sets of my jewelry pliers to really pull it tight but fingers are fine too).

6.       Cut off the excess string and off you go.

You can use any beads you like, any shape or size or color. Now go on and give it a try!

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