Monday, October 8, 2012

DiY Image Transfer Canvas Shoes

I have been wanting to try out transferring images to fabric for a while now and when I saw this on Pinterest, well, I just had to!
I couldn't find the liquitex locally and I was eager to give this a go, so I bought some Mod Podge for fabric instead.
I thought it would probably work, but I did try it out on a piece of material before using it on my shoes. It worked like a charm! Gotta love Mod Podge....and if  you don't, you should!
Here they are in all their glory!
Okay, so I really do like them and even though they make me want to bring back sayings like "totally rad", I think they are really fun!
However, I would like to do another pair now that I have done these and know what not to do and what to do better next time.
I did like the tutorial I saw and used a fabric marker to doodle and fill in the empty space.
Here is what you need to make your own:
-canvas shoes
-liquitex or Fabric Mod Podge
-spray bottle of water
-magazine clippings
-paint brush
-fabric markers

You are going to collect the images you want to use. Remember your images will transfer backwards so do not use text. You can write text in later with your fabric marker.

Next, you brush on your mod podge to the side of the image you want showing on your shoe. Then, place it on the shoe , rub and press it down firmly.

When you are done placing all of your images, let them dry for a bit.

Once dry, lightly spray the image with water and gently rub (NOT PEEL-this is important) the image until the paper begins to come off. This is messy and you will have little balls of wet, sticky paper on your hands, but keep's worth it!
*some of the image may come off, but no worries, it still looks cool and artsy in the end.

When you are done removing all of the paper, you will brush on a light coat of the fabric Mod Podge and let it dry for about 72 hours before wearing your shoes.

That's it! Be patient and then go show off your new shoes!

Have you done this before? If so, leave me some comment love and let me know how yours turned out and or a link to your post!  We love to hear from you!


  1. Any idea how they would hold up to washing, say in a washing machine? One of the reasons I buy canvas shoes is because I can wash them. Do you think the image will stay?

  2. I think you could coat it with wax by rubbing it on and melting it with a hair dryer then you wouldn't need to wash them.


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