Thursday, January 31, 2013

DiY Tape Roll Bracelet

I’m all about taking things and reinventing them. So when I finished a roll of wide painters tape a while back and saw the perfectly round and sturdy cardboard base left I threw it in my pile of goodies to keep for a day of creating. I decided to get it out and turn it into something. Of course the most obvious choice was a bracelet.

So here is what I did:
I took the base and painted it white to make sure the writing was covered. Then I chose a fun turquoise as the base color. Once I did a couple coats of the turquoise and let that dry really well (about an hour) I took a piece of scrap lace and dipped it in modge podge. I wrapped the bracelet with the lace and pressed it down so it was stuck in place well. I got a glass and pushed the bracelet down onto the glass to hold the lace in place while it dried. During the drying process I pulled the bracelet off and pressed the lace down and flipped the bracelet to make sure it was pressed all around the middle. Again I let this dry very well (overnight) before moving on. Once it was dry I took the cup and pressed it in and spun the bracelet around it to make it smooth and even on the inside. (yes, it will be hard because that is what happens when glue dries. But if you’ve pressed it down correctly and worked the inside flat against the bracelet it shouldn’t be an issue when wearing it.) Then I took my embellishments and stitched them on, tying knots at each end to ensure they stayed secure.  

You’ll need:
Cardboard tape roll
Acrylic Craft Paint
Modge Podge
Lace/ribbon/yarn/material for wrapping
Drinking Glass large enough around to press out against the roll
Beads or other embellishments
Needle and Thread
Step by step:

1. Paint your tape roll with a base coat to cover all writing. Let dry approx 30 mins.

2. Once the base coat has dried add a coat of your chose of color. Let dry approx 30 mins.

3. Once the color coat has dried wrap or modge podge wrap the next layer. Smooth out so all ends are secure. Press down onto glass. While drying remove from glass and press down ends again and flip before putting back on glass. Let dry completely overnight.

4. Stitch the embellishments on and knot to hold in place.

Also, you could take a sharp knife or small saw and slice it in half to make more than one if it is wide like this one. If you have small wrists and it is too wide just stack it with another fun bracelet that is a bit smaller.

So start holding on to those used up tape rolls. Your new arm jewelry is waiting!


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