Thursday, January 10, 2013

DiY Reusable Calendar

So, even with all the technology in my hands I still like to have a monthly calendar around the house to have at a quick glance all our big stuff (birthdays, parties, the days our buddy comes to play, etc.). I am also kinda cheap on this calendar. This year I couldn’t find the size and price I wanted so I just made one I could reuse each month.

All you need is a glass picture frame, some fun craft paper, a sharpie, and a ruler. I used a 12x16 frame that I had on-hand.
1.       Take the glass out of the frame.

2.       Measure the glass and draw the squares equally using your sharpie and ruler (or unequally if you like that look better or have busier weekends). Make sure you have 7 across and 5 down. Don’t write anything else (this is key).

3.       Add your craft paper to your frame. I used two pieces of 12x12 paper and simply overlapped them. I didn’t cut them so when I change out the paper I still have my full 12x12 intact for a scrapbook page!

4.       Take the glass you drew your grid on and flip it so the grid is on the back or inside and place it in your frame.

5.       Write in the month, dates, birthdays and appointments on the side opposite the grid (again with the sharpie). This allows you to erase and rewrite as much as you want without removing the grid!!! Sharpie will easily come off with some windex and a paper towel.

6.        Enjoy your new calendar.

Happy Thursday!


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