Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dames of DiY

This week we had the wonderful opportunity to teach some ladies a few DiY projects. Jenny has been selling some of her pieces at a local Paint Bar + Boutique called Branch Out and through that contact we were asked to teach a DiY class based on Pinterest and other DiY ideas we might have. We dubbed the class “Dames of DiY” with the tag line “…we did more than just pin it” and the ladies at Branch Out got gals signed up. We chose a few projects for the first class that would be easy for first timers or non-crafters but also fun for those who do a DiY project or two on their own. We had a lot of fun with these ladies for the evening and everyone really enjoyed being able to complete their projects and walk home with something they could say “I made this” about.  

Of course our wonderful hostess/store owner Hannah added a little Pinterest charm with some homemade cupcakes and she was also able to join in the fun and craft along with us.

Jenny and I took turns walking through the different projects and helping at each station and we had a lot of fun and laughs along with this group.
Our first projects were these cute Personalized Keychains. We did alter the instructions a bit using wooden tags (can be found here or at a local craft store) instead of chipboard and we didn’t use pictures for the class but you could certainly do so at home. Each person got a single tag and a double tag. For the double tags we used some E6000 (love it!) to glue two tags together to make a thicker one. These key chains are so much fun and you can really not mess them up. Each gal had so much fun creating their pieces to fit their personalities or that of the person they would be gifting it to. And once you start it is difficult to stop so get ready to pop out about 10 or these things at your first sitting!


After we got our key chains set to dry we moved on to our next project, Braided T-Shirt Wrap Bracelets. We also slightly altered this project. We followed the basic steps in the tutorial up to the end. We started with XL t-shirts so we didn’t have to piece them together we had solid strips. Once we completed the braid we simply tied off the end and fed one end into the first braid of the other. We also added a few charms to ours for a little extra kick. Finally, we chose not to stitch them because we liked the freedom of wrapping them a bit different each time.

Our final project was a T-Shirt Thick Braided Bracelet. This one is more of a bangle type. We used the t-shirt material and rattail. We tied a loose knot at one end and braided them through. Once we got to the other end we untied our loose know and made a knot with both ends to create the bangle and we skipped the magnetic closure.
Again, we had a great time with these Dames of DiY and look forward to our class next month.  If you are local you should come share in the sunshine!



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