Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rainy Day Fun

Well friends, Isaac has dumped rain on everyone and while I know that we did not at all get the worst of it, or even close, we did get a good amount of rain that has kept us indoors for a couple of days. My heart and prayers go out to so many who did get the worst of Isaac.
Today, we have had a break in the rain but the rain has left it unbearably humid and hot here.  I hear there is cooler air in the forecast, but guess what will be bringing that cooler air......MORE rain!

While I am super thankful for the needed rain we got and for the Lord's protection during this storm, I also have to find ways to help my kiddos pass the time indoors.

What better way to do that than this!
Marshmallow Catapults baby!
They were thrilled to not only get to launch these small white puffs of sweetness into the air, but to also get to inhale them (eat them.....nope, inhale was right)!

I have a feeling that we will discover more things that our catapults can launch into the air in the near future.

The supplies are simple and the response is great!

You will need:
9 craft sticks- the wider ones
4-6 rubberbands
1 plastic spoon

Check out the this link for further instructions!
Now, go launch some mushrooms (according to my Baby Girl) or marshmallows...whichever you prefer.

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