Monday, September 24, 2012

Stylish & Easy Bracelet Makeover (DiY Love)

It's Monday, the start to another week, and I'm hopeful that this week will be full of healing!
We've had a sickly home for the past week and a half now. So, today, I am going to share a quick and easy project that leaves you with some fun and stylish jewelry!
Grab some cheap bangle bracelets, some fibers or ribbons of your choice and start wrapping! It is really THAT easy!  I simply wrapped them, leaving a small tail at the beginning so I would have something to tie in a knot at the end.
We have a great dollar jewelry store here and I scored this whole set for a $1!  I used some fabulous multicolored fibers that my mom had used to decorate my birthday present, making this one really inexpensive project for me.
I love the results!

They are pretty cute mixed with the
plain silver bracelets. I also really like
the little knots.

I also made these too. I REALLY love how these turned out!
I also scored these colorful wooden bracelets at the dollar jewelry store. WOO HOO! I just love a bargain!

I had bought this cute lace trim at Hobby Lobby a while back. I had no actual plans for it at the time. I just knew I loved it and it was on sale, so clearly it was going home with me.

For these, I started out the exact same way as the bracelets above, wrapping them. However, I wanted the vibrant color of these wooden bracelets to still be seen, so I chose to only wrap a portion of the bracelet. So, when I had wrapped the portion that I wanted, I grabbed my E6000 glue and dabbed a small amount on the inside of my bracelet and pressed my lace trim down.  I allowed them to lay and dry for a bit and then trimmed off the excess lace.

That's it friends! I told you, quick and easy!
I am super thankful for projects like this; the kind that still allow me to get in a little bit of creativity even amongst a house full of sick little ones!

Let me know how your bracelets turn out and have a happy Monday!

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