Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tank Top Touch-Ups - DiY

Hey there! Today we are going to work on a few Tank Top Touch-Ups. As we’ve discussed I’m a bargain shopper. So, sometimes I find something at a deal price but it isn’t quite right. If you play your cards right with these types of items you can really score something cute that just needs a tiny tweak.

This cute tank I bought was the only one left on the sale rack ($3.20) and I really liked the offset pattern at the bottom but it wasn’t my size. I tried it on and it fit great as a baggy top everywhere except under the arms. So I took it home and fixed that little problem with a quick 5 minute sew job.

All you have to do is put the top on and see how much you’d like to take in. If you are trying to do it right the first time you really need to measure but I was in a quick rush to actually wear my top so I just guesstimated.  For this top because it flared at the bottom I did a slanted stitch so only the top would be taken in.  As you can see from the picture I did it twice at the very top because I didn’t measure and nobody will ever see the inside of the shirt while I’m wearing it so a few extra stitches can’t hurt (psst, don’t tell anyone)!
Easy and fast and that little tank now fits exactly like I wanted it to.

A second quick tank touch-up is for too long straps. Tanks are great for layering and wearing under stuff but when the straps are too long they get saggy and for me I spend most of my day yanking the front up. So, I took this one and gave it a quick strap touch-up.

1.       Put your tank on and decide how much of the straps you’d like to take up. Again, I didn’t measure simply guesstimated but measuring ensures it is correct. TIP: make sure you don’t take the straps in too far or your top might be too snug under the arms.

2.       Make sure the straps meet up in the place where you want to take them up. Don’t just cut on one side. Usually straps get larger the closer they get to the shirt so if you only cut one side your seams won’t line up.

3.       Pin them in place with pins.

    4.       Sew across the straps. Use thread that matches, I used white thread for the tutorials.

5.       Try it on and if you are pleased cut off the excess. I like to leave the extra length on until I’ve sewn and tried it on just in case I made a mistake and took off too much. Then I can just pull the stitches and go again. If you are a pro at measuring and sewing you won’t need to worry about that!

Now, no more pulling on the front of that tank to get it back in place, you are good to go.

Happy Thursday everyone, we made it over the hump and the weekends rolling in!
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