Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fingernail Painting Tips and Tricks!

As foretold this week has been a crazy one. The big event that I am working on is Friday and should hopefully be a lot of fun and raise a lot of funds for this local non-profit. If you’d like to be a part see details here. I’ll post more about the event with pics next week, stay tuned.

But for now I’m going to share a few quick tips about nails. I go through cycles with my nails, painting and not painting and French manicures and bright colors and muted colors, etc. I’m back to a painting cycle so I’ve learned a few tips to make doing my nails easier and last longer.

Make sure to hit the restroom before you start the process of doing your nails because we all know getting those pants back on is a fresh nail killer. Also, if you are a momma like me try and do this during naptime so you aren’t changing diapers and pulling up little britches with those wet nails.

First things first, ALWAYS use a base coat. I doesn’t have to be a clear coat but that is best. If you are out of clear coat use a nude color. This protects your nails from yellowing when you use bright or dark colors.

Second, take some vitamin E oil and a q-tip and rub it around your cuticle and fingertip. This oil will keep the polish from getting on your finger while you are painting the nail and less mess after you are finished. Also, this is great moisturizer for your cuticles.

Next, make sure you have plenty of polish on the brush. Always better to have a bit more than less because if the brush is to dry you won’t get an even coat.  Give the nail a couple coats of polish waiting a few minutes between each coat.

Then try to sit still without using your hands to let your nails dry. Read a blog (this one would love to have you), read a book, type up a few emails, glance through a magazine, drink a cup of coffee or tea, or sit and listen to some great music.

Now off you go with gorgeous nails!

When you are ready to remove that polish follow this tutorial. I’ve tried it and it works great!
If you are feeling like doing something fun here are a few more tutorials for different nail art looks.
            Stripes w Paper                                                     Tie Dye                                                                Bows

Have fun with those nails ladies.

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