Friday, September 28, 2012

Rays Of Sunshine-Meet Kate

Hey Friends and Welcome to our Friday series, Rays of Sunshine. This series is meant to feature different women from different walks of life; giving us a small glimpse into their lives with the hope of leaving you encouraged.
Today, I want to introduce to you a lovely lady that I have met through blogging and am looking forward to getting to know better in the future. She blogs over at Beautifully Rooted, a wonderful blog about faith and life.  Seriously, reading this blog has been like a breath of fresh air some days. We are so happy to have Kate with us today!
So, meet Kate friends!

I am the wife of a lovely husband, mother to wonderful children, photographer of everyday moments, daughter of Jesus, blogger and friend.
I began the blog as a way to stay in touch with my sweet family back in Texas when I moved to Arizona.   The blog started out as Songs Kate Sang, because I viewed my journey to the desert as a Psalm.
Since starting this online journal, I have read stories that filled my heart with complete love, I have seen pictures that moved me to tears and I have stood beside you on causes that stirred my entire being.
Although I always pictured raising my family in Texas, sending my children to Texas A&M and retiring somewhere with huge trees and green fields, God had a little different and wonderful plan for me.
I have absolutely fallen in love with the desert. I adore the unexpected colors and the stillness of the star-filled nights.

5:45am - Woke up when husband forgot to close the door when he started the electric shaver
6:10am - Rolled back over and went to sleep when husband left for work
6:52am - Woke up in a panic scared that I'd oversleep
7:17am - Put wet laundry in dryer
 7:38am - Decided that mascara on my bottom eyelashes would not be necessary today

7:47am - Left for work
7:58am - Smiled at the night blooming cactus as I noticed their blooms closing up for the night
8:07am - Was pleasantly surprised with Dunkin Donuts by a co worker - chocolate with sprinkles!  
8:30am - Had my first conference call
9:00am - Reviewed government pricing and bid with federal team
12:08pm - Realized I was starving
12:13pm - Drove through Chick-Fil-A for lunch
3:37pm - Walked downstairs to get ice cream for two people I had missed a meeting with earlier that day - hoping that ice cream would help them forgive me (it worked!)
4:12pm - Attempted to help write a grant for educational technology
5:07pm - Walked up and down my team's row making sure they were all set for the night
5:10pm -Left work 
5:12pm - Rolled down the windows and turned up Toby Mac and Mandisa 'Good Morning'
5:27pm - Started dinner (Chicken, raw carrots, grapes, microwave Uncle Ben's rice)
 6:17pm - Started helping Nate with his book report
 7:42pm - Writing this synopsis of my blessed day and listening to Nate practice his report

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