Monday, September 3, 2012

Tissue Pom Pom LOVE!

Happy :Labor Day everyone!
So, I have a question for you this you know why we celebrate Labor Day? The history behind it?
I will be completely honest and tell you that I knew the gist of it but no real details on the history behind this day. If you would like to read up on it a little, click here for a short history lesson!

And now, keep reading to learn how to make some fabulous tissue pom poms!

As you can see, I LOVE using these in my party decor!
They are so simple to create but make such a big statement. They add color and height to your decor. They are not only  great for parties but are also a really fun addition to your child's bedroom or playroom too. I also think they would look fabulous in my day.
Do you want to learn how to make these?
Of course  you do!

Tissue Pom Poms

You will need:

-8 sheets of tissue paper (1 pkg)
-floral wire
-thread (for hanging)

You will take your sheets of tissue paper out and set aside any extra sheets. You need 8 sheets for your pom pom.
Then you will stack them, making sure to evenly line up the edges.
Next, you will fold you tissue paper accordion style.

You should now have a nicely folded stack of tissue paper.
Grab your floral wire next.
*I am sure that you could use twine, ribbon or string for this too. However, I chose to use floral wire because it is good and sturdy and allows me to make a nice loop for hanging the pom pom. Because it is wire, I can twist and turn that loop whatever direction I need when I am ready to hang the pom pom.
You will cut some floral wire (about 20in) and place it underneath your tissue paper stack.  Bring the two ends up, criss cross them and wrap around the whole stack.
Now that you are on the other side, you will criss cross the wire again. Take one end of the wire and form a loop. Then take the other end of your wire and wrap it around the base of your loop.  You will now twist that wire and your loose ends around until you have a good sturdy loop. You should be also to wrap until you have no more loose ends, but you can always cut off excess wire if needed.

Now you are ready to give your pom pom some shape!  I like to make a few of each style when I making several pom poms for a party.

You simply take your scissors and cut the ends, either rounded or pointed. This is also the step where you decide how large or small you want your pom pom to be.
Take one end, and you will begin to gently spread out your layers, like above.
Once you have one side fanned out,  very gently separate each layer. Don't worry about making it look pretty right now, you will fluff and shape it later. Right now, you just need to pull the layers, separating them all. And again, be very gently. This is tissue paper and it will tear!

Take your thread and tie it onto your loop.  Tie a loop at the end of your thread.
I like to use thumb tacks to hang them because they leave a very small hole in the ceiling (not even noticeable) and if you use white tacks, they blend in with your ceiling (if your ceiling is white of course).
Once hung, you can take a step back and fluff some more if needed.
Now, go Tissue Pom Pom C-R-A-Z-Y!

Enjoy your day off and again, Happy Labor Day!

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