Monday, January 21, 2013

Decorating With Color

I am a HUGE fan of color. Plain and simple, it just makes me happy.

I am working on changing our living room, which I am quite excited about. It was time for a change. Change is good.

One super easy and affordable way to bring some color and change into your space is with throw pillows.  Now, store bought throw pillows can be crazy expensive (at least they are to me) and I can't always find what I am looking for.  So, I opt for making my mine.

 First, go fabric shopping, which I love! There are so many great choices out there. I wanted to bring in a few new colors to our living room, the cobalt blue and red.  I wanted something that also had a few of the other colors in our living room too, so this fabric was perfect. I am also loving this fabric choice for my pop of red.
Next, take your measurements and start cutting. Is it weird that I love the crunch sound that a good pair of sharp scissors makes when cutting fabric?
I do things a bit unconventionally and don't actually measure to cut. I lay my pillow insert on top of the fabric (inside out), fold the fabric over and then make my cut allowing about a 1/2 inch for the seam. That way, the puffiness of the pillow insert is accounted for and I have one side of the pillow that is the fold and does not need sewn.

Then, you simply crank up the ole' sewing machine and make start stitching those straight lines, leaving one side open to insert your pillow.
After I have sewn with a straight stitch, I like to cut off any excess and then go back over it with a zig zag stitch to finish the edges.

Next, insert your pillow. Take your unfinished side and fold the material inward making a nice seam. Pin it and sew.

 I am really excited about how they look and I can't wait to show you the rest of our living room!
As you can see, I purposefully took and cropped these photos so you could only see the couch, not above or beside!
It's a surprise.

Don't be afraid of color. It wants to be your friend.
Embrace mixing bold patterns. You will be pleasantly surprised. :)

UPDATE: I forgot to mention my fabulous chevron pillows! Daspri gave them to at Christmas and I super excited about them. You can find them right now at Hobby Lobby.


Sunshine from our friends