Monday, January 14, 2013

DiY Natural Scented Lotion

I am super excited to share this with you, mainly because I am super excited about it and it's pretty cool too.
A little while ago, my brother and his wife decided they would dabble in making their own natural lotion.  So, they did their research and ordered some really good quality natural lotion bases and essential oils. They whipped up some really great lotions so I was sad when they decided they were done with it.
Until......they decided they would offer their supplies to me!  Yay for me!
I was so excited to finally make time to sit down with all of this.

I set out to make a bottle as a birthday gift for Daspri and a couple of bottles to experiment with for our family too. 

Here is what I used:
-Natural Unscented Lotion Base with Pure Ingredients (Goat's Milk Base, Silk & Shea Butter Base, Green Tea & Tea Tree Base)
- Pure Essential Oils (you want to make sure and buy good, pure oils because these are going on your skin)
-Glass bottles with pump
-metal or plastic chopstick

Now, you could easily make your own scented lotion with a cheaper, unscented lotion from a local store. However, the ingredients in your lotion really do make a HUGE difference. The ingredients can either seriously harm your skin/body or actually improve the health of your skin.
This lotion has actually helped the little bumps on the back of mine and my children's arms. I could tell a difference within a few days of us using it.

I started out by choosing one lotion base, a few different oils and mixing them in a glass bowl. I started with just a small amount so I could get a feel for how the oil and lotion would mix together as well as the scent that my chosen oils would create.
Oh, and you'll want to wear an old shirt or an apron when working with the essential oils.

Next, I actually pumped the lotion base directly into the bottle. I filled the bottle about 1/4 with lotion base, then dropped about 5-6 drops of the first oil into the bottle. I grabbed my metal chopstick and began stirring it.  Then, I added a couple more pumps of lotion base and about 5-6 more drops of the second oil I had chosen and stirred some more. I continued with this process until the bottle was almost full.
Once I placed the lid on, I gave it a good shake to mix it some more.
Before, I moved on to mixing more lotion, I needed to clear my nose of all of the smells first. Coffee Beans work wonders for this! Keep a jar of coffee beans with your supplies and get a good whiff of them between mixing and creating different scents.
I ended up making three bottles with plans of making much more very soon. The end result:

Grapefruit Bergamot (Green Tea & Tea Tree Base)
A Little Peace (Lavender, Chamomile, Relaxing Oil; Goat's Milk Base)
Lemongrass Rosemary (Silk & Shea Butter Base)

*Once you are done creating your scented lotion, you will need to let it sit and wait 24 hours before using it. The oils are very potent so you want to wait before applying it to your skin. But after that, it is ready to gift or use and enjoy!

It was really and truly so much fun and once you have the supplies, too easy!

Denham's Natural - this is the base I used
Wellington Fragrance- this is where most of my oils came from

I'll be sharing about the fun glass bottles soon too! 
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