Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pump It & Unsticky Anything with WD40

I’m a fan of upcycling anything I can. So, when I was in the shower one day looking at Keylee’s baby wash that comes in a pump bottle it got me thinking. Pump bottles are the way to go! When you’re in the shower and you hands are soapy or wet it isn’t always easy to hold on to those flip top lid bottles. So, I’ve begun the journey to switching out all our shower goodies into pump bottles. When we use all of the contents of a pump bottle I clean it out, pull the sticker off and fill it with shower goodies like body wash, shampoo, etc. My pump bottles come from either lotion or Keylee’s baby wash. Why not just keep them and refill them with what came in them? Well, mostly because these products are usually sold in a pump bottle and the price for purchasing them in the pump bottle is not really more than buying them regular. And most shampoos and body washes do not come in pump bottles at all.

So start upcycling those pump bottles. And here’s a tip: if you pull off a sticker and some of the sticky remains there are a couple great things to help remove that sticky. Rubbing alcohol and believe it or not WD40 is amazing for removing sticky! Just spray the WD40 on the sticky area and rub and scratch off the sticky. Then make sure and wash the area with a good oil removing soap. 

Now get out there and pump it!

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