Thursday, January 3, 2013

DiY Vintage Alphabet Flash Cards

This Chrismtas I made quite a few fun things. Of course I couldn’t post on them until after the celebrations because I didn’t want people peeking at their goodies. But now I can share all about the things I did. One of the first projects I worked on was some fun vintage flash cards. A long while back (before Pinterest) I found some really cool free printable vintage alphabet flash cards. I saved them and planned to print them out but never got around to it until this year.

I got some fun patterned cardstock that was the natural paper sack color on the other side and printed the cards out with the fun patterns on the back. The tan paper sack color helps with the vintage look and feel.

Then I took my scissors and ran them across the sides to give them that warn feel.

Finally, I packaged them up with a little twine and wrapped them. I made about 5 sets of these for all the little ones (18 months or older) for Christmas.
Have a great one!

NOTE: The photos of my flash cards have been removed due to a new copyright by the original artist (no longer offering them as free printables). But, you can download this vintage set for free. 


  1. These are simply darling! I'm going to have to try them out! I've been putting together a basket of simple toys for my living room. All of my friends have little ones now. These will be a great addition! :)


  2. Love the idea of running the scissors across them!


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