Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Creative Inspiration & Craft Supplies

I love art and craft supplies. Seriously, that is my "candy store".
However, I find it hard to spend the money on supplies sometimes...particularly when they are not supplies that I currently need for a project in the works. So, this Christmas I gave my husband a few ideas in that area. My, oh my, did he do good!
He hooked me up with some colorful ultra fine tip Sharpie markers, fabric Sharpie markers, Oil-based Sharpie markers, loads of washi tape, a really cool tool for cutting paper, a variety of colors in Alcohol Inks, and.......
I am SUPER excited about these two Dremel tools! I didn't even know I wanted one of these, but now I do. He knows me so well.  He also got me lots of attachments specifically for engraving and etching on glass and metal. I cannot wait to have time to play with these!!!

My mom also hooked me up with some supplies and creative inspiration.
 Check out these boxes she made me out of old cigar boxes! They are so beautiful and full of inspiration, inside and out!

 My mom is super talented! She is pretty much the coolest. (and i can say that, because she's my mom...and it's true) :)
I told you it was full, inside and out! She also supplied me with more washi tape as well as beads, buttons, tags and more!
Just makes me happy even looking at these vibrant boxes full of "candy!"

Handmade paper from Anthropologie!
And seriously, would you look at her wrapping? That is the first thing I noticed when I looked at my mom's tree.....the adorable wrapping!
She apparently saw paper just like this at Anthropologie but didn't want to pay their price for it, so she ordered some pom pom's and hand glued each one to the paper...just for me!
I love creative wrapping! I think my mom is way more talented than me, but this is where I get it from friends.

Currently all of my art supplies are crammed into a closet that is shared with all of the kid's art supplies and other odds and ends. I have a plan in the works to move everything else out of that closet and give it an ultimate make-over!
I am also working on changing things up a bit around the house too.

...I cut and colored my hair!
And.... glasses!
So, I guess CHANGE is the word right now!

I can't help it. My mind swirls with ideas and eventually I get this urge to make changes. After that, it's ON!

What changes have you made recently? Do you like to change decor and things in your house?


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  1. How fun! You got lots o goodies! Your mom is too cute :)
    Diggin your hair and specs, JK. Looking forward to seeing the changes you make to your home.


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