Thursday, January 24, 2013

Get Creative With Your Left-overs- Fish Taco Bowl

We don't often have many left overs on a regular basis around here.  We are a family of 6 with growing children so most of what I cook gets taken out!
However, when we do have left overs, I try to get creative with how I serve them the next day. It's fun to me to try and make a different meal out of them if possible.
It also makes what might have been just enough left overs for 2 people, sometimes able to stretch for the whole family by simply adding a few more things.
 This is the meal and recipe I shared with you yesterday.
 This is my lunch today.
We had one piece of baked Tilapia left and just enough Jasmine rice for one person. I was already making the kiddos some pinto bean and guacamole burritos so I thought I'd spice my dish up a bit too.
I got out my skillet, added the tilapia and rice, broke up the tilapia with my spatula into pieces, added some red bell pepper, some fresh cilantro, and a bit of salsa and enjoyed what I like to now call, Fish Taco Bowl!

Get creative in the kitchen. Just like with anything else creative, once you start doing it, your creative juices start flowing and it's not so scary anymore.
It's fun!


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