Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DiY Table Runner Arrangement

We celebrated this weekend and it was a great time with family and friends. We had a little party at the house thrown together last minute (because after Keylee’s bday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and getting back in the swing of things I usually fail to plan my own birthday party). My husband is such a sweetheart and wants to make sure I celebrate but doesn’t “do that stuff very well” (his words). So I threw together a few yummy snacks and a quick table runner/centerpiece (above) and celebrate we did. Here are a few fun pics from the evening.

I wanted an actual strip of burlap or material as the table runner but since it was last minute - I was doing this at 5 when the part was at 6 - I improvised.

All you need is a few trays, some random vases or jars, and flowers.
1.       Arrange the trays in a line down the center of the table (much like a runner).   

2.       Select the vases/jars you will use for each tray.

3.       Add water to each and then cut flowers to length and add to each vase/jar.

That’s it! Oh and don’t forget to PARTY!

Stay warm,

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Recipe to try:

Sugar Cookies
The sugar cookies pictured above are AMAZING. I found the recipe about 6 months ago and I try not to make them very often because they are so soft and delicious I want to eat the whole batch. Here is the recipe, you've been warned!

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