Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Baby Journal

Many of you are the scrap book variety that do great at keeping up with moments picture by picture. I must admit...I take a ton of pictures, but most of them remain on my computer until I print out a huge stack and work on scrap books for weeks at a time. But something I have done to keep up with special moments is a journal. I started writing a journal the day after I found out I was pregnant. I happened to have a large blank journal I picked up for a great price so I already had it on hand. I wrote all through my pregnancy and Keylee's first year and I continue to jot things down every now and then still. I've talked to my mom here and there about what I did when I did it as a baby and she has a tough time remembering some things (granted I was the fourth kid and she has slept many a nights since then) but I wanted to make sure Keylee could look back and read all about what she did as she was a baby and toddler. I don't stress over having to write in it constantly and I should probably do more but at least she'll have highlights to read about. Also, I've heard from many a mom that when they start saying fun, silly things you should write them down. Keylee has quite the vocabulary and is very much a little mocking bird so I'll probably pick up this journal-type habit as well. These will probably take on a bit of a different form as most of them are one liners but you can always put them together in a cute way to keep them together. 

Happy Memory Capturing!


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